1950 Mr. Susumu Tanabe, Previous President of the company founded Kyoshin Shokai Co., at Fukushima-ku, Osaka and started to sell various kinds of leaf springs.
1951 Reorganized the company as a joint-stock corporation with the capital of \500,000, changing the name to Toyoshima Spring Mfg. Co., Ltd. at Tamasaka, Ikeda, Osaka.
Also opened the factory at Higashiyodogawa, Osaka for leaf springs.
1955 Moved Head office and the factory into Kibe-cho Ikeda, Osaka.
1957 Opened Tokyo Branch
1959 Opened Sapporo Branch
1961 Opened Sendai Branch
1962 Opened Nagoya Branch
1963 Opened Fukuoka Branch
1965 Opened Takamatu Branch
1967 Opened Aomori Branch and Niigata Branch
1970 Opened Hiroshima Branch
1971 Merged Iwayama & Company and opened as Fukushima Branch Capital increased to \57,200,000.- after merger.
  Completed new factory in Yashiro, Hyogo Prefecture.
1972 Opened Kagoshima Branch
1973 Opened Utsunomiya Branch
  Founded Toyoshima Spring Mfg. Co., of U.S.A. Inc. in Calif. U.S.A.
  Merged Monju Industry Co., Ltd. and changed to Japan Body Parts Industry Co., Ltd.
1974 Installed rolling mills in Yashiro Factory & started operation in February.
1975 Started construction of new head office building and parts distribution warehouse at 1-1-6, Sumiyoshi, Ikeda, Osaka 563, Japan.
1976 Merged Kyoei Steel Co., Ltd. Higashi Osaka Factory made it our Steel Manufacturing Division and started operation to make steel ingot.
  In August, we separated the Steel Manufacturing Division to subsidiary under the name of Toyoshima Steel Works, Ltd. Also we started construction of blooming mill at Yashiro Factory in August.
  We changed the name of Fukushima Branch to Osaka Branch.
  Completed new head office building and parts distribution warehouse in October.
  Completed blooming mill in Yashiro Factory in November.
1977 Opened Shizuoka Branch
1978 Increased the capital to \365,000,000.-
1979 Moved the factory in Kibe-cho Ikeda, Osaka to Yashiro.
1980 Started to produce fork lift arms, and supply as O.E. to leading fork lift manufacturers in Japan.
1981 We changed the name of the company to Toyoshima Special Steel Co., Ltd.
  We got patented the new manufacturing method of fork arms by taper rolling.
1982 Started the production of cutting edge, for shovel loaders.
1984 Opened Chiba Branch
1986 Founded Toyoshima indiana, Inc. in U.S.A.
  Toyoshima Indiana, Inc. merged Service Spring Division of Colt Industries, N.Y. and started production and sales of leaf springs.
Merged Toyoshima Steel Works, Ltd. and new capital increased to \378,800,000.-
Toyoshima Indiana Inc. started to produce fork lift arm in Indiana U.S.A.
1991 Completed new office building in Yashiro Factory. Also modernized the fork arm production equipment in Yashiro Factory.
  We changed the name of the company to Toyoshima Co., Ltd.
1992 We increased our capital through a third-party allocation of shares to \481,300,000.
1997 Opened Kawagoe Branch

Got ISO9001 cetification in February.

2001 Reopened Hiroshima Branch
2005 Yoshikazu Tanabe assumed President of the company.
  Unified Tokyo and Chiba Branches into Kanto Branch
2007 Merged Japan Body Parts and opened as Ikeda Factory.
2008 Built new production line for fork arm at Yashiro Factory.
  Started production of large fork arm by variable HV and big press machines.
2009 Reopened Sendai Branch
2010.7 Replace cutting edge & U-bolt facilities of Ikeda Factory to Yashiro Factory
2014 Moved Osaka Branch to Head Office
2018 Became as a group company of ICHINEN HOLDINGS CO., LTD. who Listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange list