Blooming and Rolling

Using the most advanced blooming and rolling machines,
this division employs an automated, high-speed manufacturing process to produce a variety of steel materials of stable quality.

Spring Manufacturing

This division manufactures a large variety of springs for use in both industry and daily life. These range from leaf and coil springs for automobiles and heavy machinery, to coil springs for furniture, cushions, machines, tools, and scales. This division boasts the longest tradition in our company.

Industrial Vehicle Parts Manufacturing

Today's technological revolution extends to such fields as civil engineering, construction, FA, and physical distribution. The focus, in particular, is on automation and laborsaving. To meet these new needs, the Industrial Vehicle Parts Division produces forklift arms and cutting edges for construction-machinery.

Automobile Parts Manufacturing

As an offshoot of our spring manufacturing facilities, this division has developed into a full new one. Here, we produce many types of automobile parts, including tire chains, U-bolts, and body parts.


In addition to manufacturing the above products, our company engages in domestic and international trade. Acting as an exclusive dealer of automobile parts in Japan, we are at the same time forming a multinational manufacturing, sales and trade network. Our goal is to develop complete service- and goods-distribution system in both Japan and overseas.